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a collision of music and culinary arts

saturday, january 29th


the event

Savor the Sound is an immersive event designed to fully envelop guests in an affair that satisfies and tantalizes all of the senses. 


In a truly collaborative partnership, our artists have again crafted a unique experience for this incredible cause. This year, internationally acclaimed musician and author, Calvin Arsenia, will host the soiree. James Beard award-winning Chef Celina Tio returns to create a fresh, inventive menu, with new musical collaborators, experimental and cinematic string duo, The Wires.

In light of continued high COVID-19 transmission rates in our community and Cornerstones of Care’s mission to provide safe and healthy communities, our team is continually evaluating our in-person event guidelines. For this year’s Savor the Sound, in-person attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination and wear masks in areas of substantial or high transmission. If you prefer to show your support for Savor the Sound from home, you may make a donation or participate in our online auction featuring handmade Build Trybe items. Thank you.

the savory


The menu for the evening has been crafted months in advance by Chef Celina Tio, with her sous chef, Kyle Goff, and pastry chef, Darius Thompson.


Chef Tio’s approach to the dishes created for musical interpretation is a bit different for this year’s event. “The Wires are amazing, classically trained musicians,” she says. “I wanted to take French dishes that are traditional to the culinary world and do what they do — turn them into new, updated classics.”


How does one go from auditory to taste? For Chef Tio, there are many paths to be considered. “It kind of can go different ways — how does the music make me feel? It can be emotional, where it takes me. Sometimes there are lyrics that I take literally, sometimes it’s the story of how the song was created. I draw from some or all of those ways and create something from it.”

the sound

The evening will be punctuated for the first time by Kansas City experimental string duo, The Wires. With their cello and violin, they create an environment of exploration that sweeps the audience away.


The Wires brought two songs to the table: for soup, Dinner with a Vampire, a seductive piece about reflection on good, evil, and the gray areas in between, and for the salad, Nightbird, a swelling song connecting different elements of nature.


The pair have been best friends and composing music together for over a decade, which is clear when they began to form their musical pieces after tasting Chef Tio’s dishes. They bounced words between each other, with phrases like, “crispy surprise”, “South France vacation”, and “internal food blanket”, which turned into little bits of melodies and sounds.


immerse yourself in this unique experience of music, culture, & cuisine


all proceeds benefiting Build Trybe

a program of Cornerstones of Care

the impact

Since 2019, Savor the Sound has raised $66,090  for Cornerstones of Care’s Build Trybe program. This incredible support has fueled programming, empowered youth, and built an amazing community of dedicated teachers, mentors, and leaders.

18,000 hours

of classes and workshops provided to the hard-working apprentices and youth we serve.

463 youth

taught vocational trades with skills ranging from Culinary, Landscaping, and Building Trades

2022 resolutions

  • To serve and empower 300 youth through classes, apprenticeships, and mentorship

  • To provide dynamic and engaging learning environments for the youth and communities we serve

  • To grow and expand our entrepreneurial teachings and business programming

  • To empower more youth at the Build Trybe – Maker Village learning space

  • To hire 80 Advanced Youth Apprentices to run our farms, maker spaces, and work with our learning partners and community

  • To be a bridge connecting our youth to employers and community leaders

join us and support Build Trybe


Celina Tio is a James Beard Award-winning chef, who has appeared on several Food Network television series, and owns The Belfry restaurant in the Crossroads. When she’s not jet setting around the globe doing research, she can be found there most nights, working on her new line of spirits, along with multiple new entertainment ventures, set to be revealed in 2022.

Laurel Morgan Parks, violin, and Sascha Groschang, cello, have been composing dynamic and cinematic music as best friends since 2009.  With three albums under their belt, The Wires also host “Sound Currents” on 91.9 Classical KC and teach adults in their online school, “Fiddle Life.” The duo performs at festivals, concert halls, and music venues in the Midwest and beyond. 


celina tio


Singer and harpist Calvin Arsenia is known for turning the arts world on its head through extravagant, rose-drenched performances around the world. Arsenia has recently released his book of poetry, Every Good Boy Does Fine, published by Andrews McMeel Universal, and is currently working on new upcoming music being released in 2022.

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