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Learn How To Make Your Own Cutting Board!

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Overview: This introductory lesson will teach participants how to make a cutting board using fundamental woodworking techniques. We will do this by teaching processes such as how to ‘dimension lumber’ and perform a ‘glue-up’, all while demonstrating safe & proper use of shop tools. Each participant will walk away a 12x12” hardwood cutting board with a color layout of their choosing. Snacks will be provided! Outcomes/Objectives: Learn safe & proper use of the following tools: Table saw, Planer, Jointer, Chop saw, Table router, orbital sander Learn how to identify different species of wood Learn how to read grain direction on lumber Experience the satisfaction of making your own cutting board Apprentice Participation: One apprentice will serve as a teaching assistant; helping to prep for class, ensuring tools are used safely and respectfully, and offering their knowledge and expertise to participants 4 hour Time commitment each day 9am-10am Class prep with instructor and TA 10am-1pm Class with Participants Necessary materials & consumables (include price if applicable): TBD amount of board feet of cherry/maple 150 and 220 grit sand paper Felt feet x 24qty Mineral oil Necessary Tools Table saw, Planer, Jointer, Band saw, Chop saw, Table router, orbital sander, power drill, track saw, drill bits, hand screw drivers, Laser engraver Vocabulary: Dimensioned Lumber, Hardwood, Grain direction, Planer, Jointer, Orbital Sander, Table Saw, Table Router, Finishing, Cross cut, laser engraver. Possible Complications: Unsafe tool operation Tool is out of order Laser engraver complications Processing takes longer than expected What knowledge/skill level will participants of this class be expected to have? This class is appropriate for any beginner who is willing and able to use power tools. Participants should come with artwork file or pencil sketch of their custom art idea. DAY 1 - SATURDAY 9am-10am Class prep with TA Carry in lumber, Rough cut with track and band saw, plane/joint/cut boards to size, prepare oiling station, prepare artwork/lapt station with some design options, prepare feet assembly station, make space presentable 10am-1pm Class with group 00 minute mark - Intro- Names, pronouns, ice breaker question 10 minute mark - Safety & Access needs check 15 minute mark - Overview explanation of tree identification and process 35 minute mark - Planer/crosscut Demo - start with readymade segments 45 minute mark - Router edges - Demo and p

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